Sybase module 0.32 released

Dave Cole
15 Sep 2001 16:51:41 +1000

What is it:
The Sybase module provides a Python interface to the Sybase relational
database system.  It supports all of the Python Database API, version
2.0 with extensions.

Commercial support is available for this module.  Please refer to our
website for details:

For those people who do not have LaTeX installed there is a PDF
document.  These is also a PostScript document which prints out a
handy A5 booklet on an A4 duplex printer.

The module and documentation are all available on here:

Changes for this release

There are no functional changes in this release.

Extra conditional compilation logic has been added to allow the module
to compile with more releases of Sybase.  In particular, the module
will compile with Sybase 11.0.3 again.

- Dave