PythonCardPrototype release 0.4.5

Kevin Altis
Tue, 18 Sep 2001 09:14:52 -0700

PythonCard is a software construction kit (in the spirit of Apple's
HyperCard) written in Python.

You can download the latest release at:

Samples included in the latest release: addresses, conversions, dbBrowser,
dialogs, doodle, findfiles, hopalong, minimal, proof, resourceEditor,
samples, searchexplorer, sounds, SourceForgeTracker, textIndexer, tictactoe,
turtle, widgets, worldclock

To see screenshots of some of the samples, visit:
A description of each sample is included in the docs directory and the
readme.txt file in each sample directory.

PythonCard home page

SourceForge summary page

Mailing list

PythonCard requires Python 2.1.x or later and wxPython 2.3.x. wxPython is
available at

PythonCard relies on wxPython, it will support the Macintosh once wxPython
has been ported to the Mac.

PyCrust 0.6
PyCrust by Patrick K. O'Brien is required by PythonCard, but is no longer
included as part of the PythonCardPrototype releases. Please visit the home
page at
and download the latest release at

Changes since release 0.4.3 (2001-08-23):

Release 0.4.5 2001-09-17
PyCrust is no longer included in the PythonCardPrototype
  distribution, please download PyCrust at:
moved Bitmap class to module
  added getPILBits and setPILBits to Bitmap class
    to simplify using PIL with PythonCard
added BitmapCanvas widget to
  added doodle and hopalong samples which use BitmapCanvas
  The BitmapCanvas is very experimental and will be
    enhanced and improved
Debug windows are now children of the app window
  Namespace Viewer, Property Editor, Shell
added 'Save Configuration' option to Debug menu
  this will create a file
  with the current debug window position and sizes
changed Message Watcher to use sizers
renamed readDictionaryFile to readAndEvalFile
  updated and to use the new function

Release 2001-09-08
posted Help Wanted on SourceForge
posted Python Conference request for papers/tutorials
added addMethod to Scriptable class for dynamically adding
  handlers at runtime, see:
added 'openBackground' message to replace using __init__
changed background handlers to on_mouseClick form
modified SourceForgeTracker so that double-clicking on a topic
  launches the web page for that topic in a browser
Neil added Pyker.hta and PykerLaunch.hta
  see the following URL for more info
Andy added a TODO.txt to document short-term plans for PythonCard
Property Editor and resourceEditor sample were changed to use
  default size (-1, -1) values
added enable and check menu items to
  see the url below and thread replies
started some documentation for the Button class
added display of files in
Patrick added dot notation support to the Font class
Jeff and Neil provided some Unix screenshots
  These show we need to get sizers working to deal with variable
    size widgets and fonts on different platforms eval() changed to support using Windows-style line endings
  under Unix
added "Redirect stdout to Shell" option to Debug menu

Release 2001-08-31
added to launch the the various sample programs
  see samples\
  added readme.txt files to all samples that didn't already
    have one. the readme.txt is displayed as the
    'description' for a sample

Release 0.4.4 2001-08-30
added getting_started.html to docs\html
added basic status bar support module
  see for an example
turtle sample updated now uses a status bar and displays the
  time required to draw a design
  added line(x1, y1, x2, y2) method to turtle
added extra parametes to FileDialog to support saving files
  see resourceEditor for an example
  see for complete list of options
added Namespace Viewer using PyFilling (part of PyCrust 0.6)
fixed numerous Property Editor edit/display bugs
  widgets are now displayed in the proper order
added Font support to all widgets
  Font class moved to module
  the actual text descriptions of the fonts is going to
    change, so if you use them, just be aware that the format
    of the font descriptions will change by the next release
  a font can be passed to the Font dialog to set the initial
    font displayed
commented out 'import warnings' for Python 2.0 support
  but PyCrust usage still means that you need Python 2.1.x
  if any Debug windows like the shell will be used
fixed unitialized empty bitmaps on win98
added append method to Choice class
added setFocus method to Widget
dbBrowser sample updated to version 0.2
resourceEditor changes
  resourceEditor can now save files
    make sure to only work on copies in case of bugs
    also some hand editing of is still necessary
    depending on what you're trying to do
  Duplicate Widget menu item now causes the duplicate to
    be offset 10 pixels so it can be selected to select
  added for defaults
worldclock sample demonstrates simple use of logging