ANN: milter-0.3.1

Stuart D. Gathman
Tue, 25 Sep 2001 17:29:32 -0400

Sendmail Milters in Python

Milter is a python module providing an interface to sendmail-8.11
libmilter.  A Python milter lets python code work with sendmail to
remove spam, scan for viruses, and otherwise monitor and/or alter mail
messages as they are received by sendmail.  This is more efficient than
procmail solutions because messages are handled as they are received by
sendmail. Thus, a message with a subject containing '$$$' can be rejected
before it is fully received.

Version 0.3.1 of milter has been extensively tested on a production
aix-4.1.5 mail server with python-2.1.1 and sendmail-8.11.5.  Lots
of threading bugs and memory leaks were fixed.  It should even still
work on linux! :-)

For more information, visit:

 <P><A HREF="">milter-0.3.1</A> 
	Python interface to sendmail libmilter API.  (25-Sep-01)

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