Programming with Python and Qt.

Boudewijn Rempt
Mon, 1 Apr 2002 20:52:34 -0100

Well, I'd like to finally officially announce that my book, _GUI Programming 
with Python using the Qt Toolkit_ is now officially available on paper. Whew!

You buy it directly from the publisher's website:,

or, preferably, at your favourite local or on-line bookshop. For instance, 
Amazon lists it as:

(And I wonder how that's going to come across.) The ISBN is 0-97003300-4-4.

Anyway, I've written about 160.000 words of English prose and code, all about 
Qt, PyQt, sip, Qt Designer and BlackAdder. I cover both Qt 2 and Qt 3 in a 
lot of detail.

All source code to the examples is included on a cd-rom, and Opendocs will 
shortly open a webforum where I'll post updated code and where people can 
discuss problems.

You can read the book online at:

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