[ANN]: Py Launches First Issue

Bryan Richard cook@pyzine.com
4 Apr 2002 14:48:43 -0800

El Segundo, CA  2002 March 04  Py, an independent technical zine for
Python software developers, announced today the launch of its first

"I don't have a lot to say as I'm still exhausted from the
last-minute, whirlwind editing session and now only have the tedious
task of shipping ahead of me. The shakes from the caffeine are making
it a bit difficult to focus right now, but I'm very happy with how the
first issue turned out," said Bryan Richard, Editor and Publisher.

Preorders for the first issue, which started 2002 February 01, topped
out at just over 300 copies.

Cover price for this landmark publication is $3.00 US and $5.00
Foreign and can be ordered at the website www.PyZine.com.

For more information visit the website www.PyZine.com or email

About Py (the zine)
It's a zine. About Python. It's not nearly as ambivalent as this
release probably makes it sound.

About Py (the publishing empire)
Py is largely the work of its contributors and Bryan Richard -- who is
utterly disenchanted with the whole press release process and its
oft-repeated verbiage. Bryan is just some guy from Southern California
that wants to spread the good word about Python, drinks way too much
coffee, and listens to a lot of indie rock. With the launch of Py he
is one step closer to owning Hearst Castle. He can be reached at