[ANN] JpGraph 1.5.3 Graphs, Charts, Plots ported to Python

Sean True seant@iname.com
5 Apr 2002 11:05:12 -0800

A Python version of JpGraph, a substantial presentation graphics
module written in PHP by Johan Persson.

"JpGraph is a fully OO graph library which makes it easy to both draw
a "quick and dirty" graph with a minimum of code and quite complex
graphs which requires a very fine grain of control. The library tries
to assign sensible default values for most parameters hence making the
learning curve quite flat since for most of the time very few commands
is required to draw graphs with a pleasing aesthetic look." -- Johan

Our port of JpGraph depends on gdmodule, and of gd itself. Both are
included in the tar file. The port also expects Freetype and
appropriate TTF fonts, which are not included. Gantt charts and image
maps still need work, but the package in general pretty well. Sample
output is available from the download

Thanks to Johan Persson, Chris Gonnerman, and Thomas Bouttel.

Download from http://metagram.webreply.com

Sean True
Webreply, Inc.