[ANN] Puffin Testing Framework 0.8.5 Release -- Now with Regex Support

A. Keyton Weissinger keyton@weissinger.org
Sat, 6 Apr 2002 00:11:21 -0500

**Announcing the 0.8.5 Release of the Puffin Testing Framework**

Puffin allows you to test any web application or service. Once customized to
your web application, you can use Puffin to unit test individual web pages,
system test your entire web application, or load test your entire site.

Now in its third public release, this web application testing framework is
even more flexible and robust than before. Have a complex web application
that needs to be rigorously tested? Puffin is the answer!

Changes for version 0.8.5:
1) Improvement of test plan execution results reporting. The level of detail
is now more configurable than before.

2) Introduction of "failed task alerts," which inform you of the details of
a failed task in your test plan.

3) Incorporation of Vinay Sajip's logging system to allow for heightened
flexibility in the logging of framework events, results reports, and failure
alerts. Want your framework logging to occur on the console, the reports to
go to a file, but the failed task alerts to go to your email? No problem.
Need support for the NT event log or syslog? Child's play.

4) Improvement of text response analyzer (used to determine whether or not a
test action returned what you expected). Now called the
ExpressionResponseAnalyzer, it now supports regular expressions.

5) Need to extract an output token, but have only HTML coming back from your
web application (as opposed to XML, for example)? Now you can use the
puffin-core REGEX extractor. Simply configure your test action output with a
regular expression and set the extractor type to REGEX and Puffin will take
it from there!

Please see the updated Puffin User's Guide (in the 'doc' folder) for more

Keyton Weissinger