ANN: disipyl - a 2D and 3D plotting library for Python/Jython

Paul Magwene
Thu, 11 Apr 2002 13:11:17 GMT

    disipyl is an object-oriented wrapper around the DISLIN plotting
library.  DISLIN is a powerful and flexible multiplatform (Win32, Unix,
Linux, etc.) library designed for displaying scientific data. DISLIN's
author, Helmut Michels, has made available a DISLIN plotting extension for
the Python programming language (see for
more details).

    disipyl provides a set of classes which represent various aspects
of DISLIN plots, as well as providing some easy to use classes for
creating commonly used plot formats (e.g. scatter plots, histograms, 3-D
surface plots).  A major goal in designing the library was to facilitate
interactive data exploration and plot creation.

    Documentation, a tutorial, and a demo program are included.  The
library has been tested on Win32, Linux, and FreeBSD, but I anticipate
that it should work on any platform which can make use of Python, NumPy,
and the DISLIN python extensions.

    Feedback, comments, and critique are gladly accepted (email:

    This is release 0.6 of disipyl.

New in this release:

* support for plot interaction (record plot coordinates via mouse clicks)

* new mechanism for quering disipyl objects about the options they support

* cleanup of data/option setting mechanisms for disiypl objects

* Jython support (when DISLIN java library available - most but not all

* updated documentation and tutorial

    You can find disipyl at: