Python-based Amphora light groupware system 2.0 beta available

Tanel Tammet
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 10:44:13 +0300

IT Meedia (, has made 
available the 2.0 beta version of the Amphora light 
groupware system. Amphora light 2.0 is covered by GPL.


Amphora light is a powerful groupware server for small
and medium sized enterprises, based on Linux, Python, 
Zope, Postgresql and Apache, to name the most 
important components.

The functionality of Amphora light is similar to, and in
several respects exceeds MS Exchange and Lotus Notes, providing:

- Browser interface for Netscape, Mozilla, MS IE
- Simple file (document) sharing capabilities 
- Calendars
- Tasks
- Contacts
- Discussions
- Simple databases
- Web-based email
- Integrating front page
- An optional MS Windows client for synchronisation
  with MS Outlook
- Hierarchical system or rights, management of rights

Version 2.0 introduces a number of improvements over
the version 1.0 made available last year:

- Full source available, licenced under GPL.
- Supported on RedHat 7.2
- Based on Zope 2.4.x and new versions
  of python, postgresql, etc.
- Does not require a devoted server machine
- Should be much easier to port and install
  than version 1.0
- Simple file (document) sharing capabilities added
- Simple database creation and usage capabilities added
- By default, mail is based on sendmail instead of qmail
- Numerous improvements to functionality, scalability
  and stability

A devoted Bugzilla site has been made available
for bug reports, see

IT Meedia is also marketing a professional version
of Amphora (see,
which contains powerful additional components:

- Full-fledged document management
- CRM (clients, contacts, sales, etc connected to the rest)
- Message registration and delegation system
- ASP mode


Tanel Tammet