[Module] pylibpcap-0.3

David Margrave davidma@eskimo.com
Tue, 23 Apr 2002 00:48:08 -0700


Python Module for libpcap packet capture library

This is a new release incorporating bug fixes and enhancements
by pylibpcap users.  Pylibpcap now uses distutils.  Thanks to all those
who contributed (PC Drew, Gustavo Carneiro, and Jon Nelson)!

       URL:  http://pylibpcap.sourceforge.net

   License:  BSD Style
  Platform:  Unix
  Requires:  libpcap
  Binaries:  RH 7.2 i386 RPM

  Categories:  Networking

David Margrave (davidma@eskimo.com)

<a href="http://pylibpcap.sourceforge.net">pylibpcap-0.3</a> -- Python
Module for libpcap packet capture library.