ANN: wxPython Mac on OS X preview

Kevin Altis
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 11:02:38 -0700

There are disk images (binary installers) of MachoPython 2.2.1 and the
wxMacPython 2.3.3 preview build available for OS X at:

This software should be considered beta quality. It is not the final
wxPython Mac 2.3.3 release. MachoPython 2.2.1 is required to use wxPython

I made an announcement on my blog, but forgot to post to

The most recent information is available on the wxPython-mac mailing list

If you want to help with the project or just join in the fun please

Bug fixes and new binaries should be appearing frequently as a lot of
testing and work is being done on wxMac (the C++ wxWindows sources) and
wxPython Mac right now. Frank Vercruesse has provided some instructions for
building from cvs.

Finally, as might be expected, I'm pretty excited about this because it
means PythonCard works on OS X. More info on that topic is available on the
pythoncard-users mailing list

and the wiki page

Kevin Altis