ANN: pylize 1.0b: online presentation generation tool

Christopher Arndt
Mon, 29 Apr 2002 12:46:50 +0200 (CEST)


pylize is a Python script that generates a set of HTML files that make up
an on-screen presentation from a master file. The HTML files can be viewed
with any CSS-aware browser. The master file contains the text for all the
slides and some additional information like title, author etc. pylize can
also create a template master file for you.


    Python >= 2.0
    PIL (optional)


    * generate a template master document
    * create a set of HTML slides from the master document
    * automatic creation of the table of contents
    * a nice CSS driven slide layout, including logo, navigation links,
      progress-bar etc.
    * easy changing of layout through templates
    * all information for a presentation in one master file, but
      configurable through a per-user options file
    * fully localized




    This is the first public release. I have tried to write the script as
    portable as possible, but I have currently no access to a Windows or
    MAC OS environment. That's why this is a beta release. I would like to
    ask interested individuals to get and try the software on different
    platforms and inform me of any problems. Any other feedback is also
    always welcome!


    Christopher Arndt <>


    pylize is a Python-clone of:

    PLies <>
    by Dobrica Pavlinusic <>

    which is in turn inspired by:

    XLies <>
    by Sami Lempinen


    W3C SlideMaker <>
    by Stephan Montigaud, Pierre Fillault <> and
    Masayasu Ishikawa <>

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