Python Web Frameworks Overview

Paul Boddie
29 Apr 2002 12:33:59 -0700

The Python Web Frameworks Overview attempts to provide a subjective
comparison, analysis and overview of the major (or most recent or
active) Python Web frameworks including Zope, Webware, SkunkWeb and
jonpy, with Twisted, Quixote and Albatross to be included soon. The
objective is that information on each framework will become more
detailed over time - contributions and feedback are very welcome!

Although the intention is that the Python Web Frameworks Overview will
surpass the previously well-known Python Web Modules Overview in terms
of quality of information, the latter document has been revised to
include all packages which are less popular, less frequently updated
(even abandoned) or less fashionable (even obsolete) in the original
summary tables.

Please note the URL, changing those bookmarks and references to the
Python Web Modules Overview to the following:

Finally, it is not the intention that this document will summarise
every single Python Web-related module in existence. For this purpose,
please remember to use the Vaults of Parnassus to register your
projects! (See the Python home page - - for

Paul Boddie