PyCon DC 2003: Call For Papers

Steve Holden
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 16:43:58 -0500

PyCon DC 2003, the first Python Community Conference, has now issued a
formal call for papers, which you can read at

The organizing committee is interested in any and all submissions for
presentations. Traditional presentation styles will doubtless be the norm,
but if you would like to experiment with a different format you are
encouraged to mail suggestions to pycon-interest at python dot org if you
are a subscriber to that list, or to the address given at the foot of this

Time is short, so please make sure any questions are sent in promptly. We
will do our best to turn them around quickly.

We look forward to seeing you at PyCon DC 2003, for which registration
details should be published shortly.

Steve Holden
PyCon Committee Chair
pycondc-2003 at python dot org