ANN: PAGE-2.2c - Python Automatic GUI Generator

Don Rozenberg
Thu, 05 Dec 2002 18:10:30 -0800

PAGE-2.2c - Python Automatic GUI Generator

What is PAGE?
PAGE is an automatic GUI generator which bears a resemblance to
Visual Basic.  It allows one to easily create GUI window containing a
selection of Tk and Tix widgets and bind actions associated with
events in those widgets with a straight-forward, visual paradigm.

It is a Tcl/Tk/Tix program that generates a Python module that
realizes the desired GUI.  Further, it supports rework in that one can
generate a Python GUI module, debug it in the Python space, and yet be
able to return to the Tcl/Tk realm to modify or update the appearance
of the GUI or change the bindings on the widgets

What's new?

Fixed numerous problems in PAGE-2.2c.

     Fixed and documented the generation of menus.
     Fixed and documented the bindings window so now it is highly
     Removed preferences that were hard to fathom.
     Added Python colorization to some of the PAGE windows.

Rewrote p2t. It is now much more solid than previously and improves
rework capabilities. converts a Python GUI generated with PAGE
into a tcl module that can be opened by PAGE.

Included Vrex as an example.  This is a very useful visual program
for developing and checking regular expressions. It is similar to
Visual REGEXP.

Included an extension package that enhances python-mode.el in
executing a python module with both the interpreter and debugger.
It also allows one to run PyChecker from emacs.

Improved the documentation.

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Don Rozenberg