ANN: fauxident 1.1 -- A simple, faked ident daemon

Erik Max Francis
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 17:54:40 -0800


    fauxident is a small Python script that will act as an extremely
    naive ident server, answering all ident requests with a consistent
    response -- either an ERROR or a USERID response.  This can be
    advantageous on systems where running a true identd is
    unavailable, where it would be a security risk, or when
    masquerading firewalls are in use, where multiple machines are
    involved behind the firewall and running a proper ident system is
    not an option.

Getting the software

    The current version of fauxident is 1.1.

    The latest version of the software is available in a tarball here:

    The official URL for this Web site is


    fauxident requires Python 2.x or greater and a UNIX or Unix-like
    operating system.


    This code is released under the GPL.


Release history

    - 1.1; 2002 Dec 7.  Allow multiple user names to be chosen
      randomly from; include support for suffixed random number of
      given length; change to -V option for version information;
      improve documentation.

    - 1.0.1; 2002 Oct 15.  Bugfix to reject large input buffers from
      the client, preventing a highly unlikely but possible DOS

    - 1.0; 2002 Aug 14.  Initial release.
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