Flightdeck-UI Multi-Variable Monitor App. V. 0.1.1 released

fdui@openlight.com fdui@openlight.com
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 16:59:52 -0500

*** The Flightdeck-UI project is looking for testers and user feedback
*** on all platforms.  If you come up with your own themes and control
*** files, they may be included in the distribution.  In addition,
*** links to good screenshots can be added to the Flightdeck-UI site.
*** The MVM application can also show your name, organization, URL and
*** a brief description for any control file or theme that you create.

The goal of the Flightdeck-UI project is to apply ideas from aircraft
instrumentation design to general purpose user interfaces.

The Multi-Variable Monitor (MVM) is a highly configurable
Flightdeck-UI application, which includes a graphical editor and theme
support.  Little (or even none at all) coding is required to use MVM,
although everyone is welcome to code as much as they like.

Check out the MVM screenshots at 

This update to the MVM has an Edit mode that is much easier to use on
800x600 screens.  This is done by providing extra controls that
trigger the hiding of some elements from view, thus reducing the
height of the editor window.  Another change is better scaling for the
'About' dialog box.  Because users can add their own names,
descriptions, etc. to any control file or theme that they write, the
dialog box needs to scale in order to fit these variable contents.

The project homepage is at "http://www.openlight.com/fdui/".  Both the
Flightdeck-UI library and the MVM application are open source/free
software.  They are written in Python and require Tkinter.

Questions can be emailed to originating address of this message