ANNOUNCE: Python 2.2.1 Release 1.0 for DOS

Wed, 18 Dec 2002 20:50:15 +0100


On December 16, 2002  a release-level quality port of Python 2.2.1 to 32-bit
DPMI DOS environment was uploaded to This
project is called PythonD.

Upgraded features from the beta release include:
- remains 'posix', as DJGPP is basically a posix-oriented
- os.path is now 'posixpath' - although a few lines from 'dospath' have
still been merged with it (like 'splitdrive') to accommodate DJGPP's
"posix-dos" style.
- Compiled 'pyc' files now read more reliably.
- Dynamic linking is now working using either DXE2 or DXE3.
- First special PythonD release of distultils library modified for DJGPP
(alpha). Dynamic modules now build on PythonD. Requires DJGPP.
- 'socketmodule' works more smoothly (requires DOS packet driver).
- 'gdbm' module doesn't crash with file I/O anymore.
- PyXML now passes all standard tests with 100% success. Its C libraries now
link dynamically.
- Re-inclusion of modules 'select' and 'termios' (they were removed in the
- Optional 'curses' module based on new ncurses 5.3(now linked dynamically).
There are still some problems like 'beep'.
- 'spawnv', 'spawnve', and 'execv' have been implemented.
- sys.path automatically checks for Python Libraries using %DJGPP% and
'/dev/env/DJDIR'. %PYTHONPATH% is no longer needed if all files are left in
default location under DJGPP.
- Source code tree available for first time - WARNING - many additional
libraries needed.
- Other small fixes.

PythonD passes over 140 tests successfuly, with a major failure in popen2
(No forking under DOS).

Previous users of the PythonD beta are strongly encouraged to upgrade.
Bug reports and user questions are being accepted for this release version
only now.

Please see website for details and
download. If you cannot get through, try again later.

For information on DJGPP see