custom 0.0 release

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton
Wed, 25 Dec 2002 00:58:09 +0100

Custom is a Stock / Ordering / Accounts / Sales system
for medium-sized businesses.

Written fully in python.

Running from SQL (with MySQL supported with an example sql
script, and MS-SQL via XML supported unofficially) 

Runs as cgi-scripts from apache, with example apache 2
config and startup scripts provided.

It is difficult, with the number of sites out there for
e-commerce systems, to justify writing another one, however
the following may help explain:

- At the time of writing, the author couldn't find any
  python-based e-commerce systems.

- The aim of the site is to help businesses with stock and
  supplier management, as a tool to help get the best deals
  from their suppliers and to be able to pass those on to
  their customers.

- The example cgi-scripts do not output or require any java
  or java script: all content is dynamically generated, with
  state information stored on a per-customer basis in the
  SQL database.



Known Bugs:

- no documentation yet.

- simultaneous user logins from different browsers
  overwrites the single session cookie, and only the
  last logged in user with the same username can
  access the site.