Jay, this is my view from NYC

Byron ulextida@gisco.mh.us
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 21:44:42 GMT

a very skillful attack

who profits?

-Israeli incursions in two P.A. towns
-the largest British fleet organized in eighteen years
"coincidentally" has been on route for days nearing the 
Middle East for  "maneuvers"
-America asking for coalition of global powers for 
new "counter-insurgent" war... a planetary Vietnam.

Rather then seriously ask why people would kill 
themselves and so many others, "we" put an answer in 
their mouths and say, -Prez-"they attack us because we 
are the bastion of freedom in the world." period.... 
Some introspection? No.  Respect for the enemy? No.  
Understanding the enemy? No.  That is why the forces of 
reaction do not know what the terms are or what to do.  
These are the fruits of the politics of denial.  We deny 
the complaints of our victims, even deny they are our 
victims, and blind ourselves to a planet of enmity.  
Understanding this, as I have long fruitlessly preached 
as a "lunatic", one must take one of three possible 
courses: X) Understand ones position of domination, take 
every defensive measure, and terrorize the dominated. Y) 
Deny ones imperial position and be over run by a million 
cuts  Z) Discard past paradigms worn thin since times 
before pharaoh, make a detente for all humankind and all 
the rest of nature, including a transformation in our 
relationships to the Earth and human to human.

The standing "American authorities" want solution Y with 
a big war on the dispossessed, Islam, and the rest.  It 
would be the fourth world war since the sheep in America 
seem to have missed the third one.  Our "leaders"
are inept, impotent, and culpable in one of two ways.  
First: For a second "hijacked" commercial jet to strike 
the most critical concentration in the global capitalist 
economy, twenty minutes after the first, and with no 
military response, is profound negligence. Particularly 
in the wake of the 1993 WTC attack, the success of this 
attack is pure negligence...or... complicity.  If it is 
simple puerile negligence, then the governor of NY, and 
the mayor of NYC, who are so busy congratulating and 
patting each other on the back for what a great job they 
have done, should resign in shame and utter humiliation 
for their total failure.  Also former governor Cuomo 
should beg the forgiveness of his constituents and the 
greater public.  The joint chiefs of staff, as well as 
all regional military and air commanders should resign 
or be court-martialed for negligence.  The current 
administration as well as members of senate and house 
intelligence and military committees should be removed 
from office and placed under house arrest for extensive 
questioning.  The former administration should be 
likewise detained.  All planning staffs for civil 
defense and air security should be detained and 
questioned, if not court marshaled. That is if an enemy 
attacked us. If there was, however, foreknowledge by any 
elements of our government, there should be a grand 
jury, and also a global response.  There have been many 
comparisons today and since the annihilation of the WTC 
with Pearl Harbor, the attack on Hawaii in 1941.  Years 
of speculation over the absence of our vital air-craft 
carriers at that attack, as well as myriad evidence, 
points to a foreknowledge by F.D.R. which is confirmed 
by a decade of public study of the code breaking facts 
of Ultra Mega.  Many times after Pearl Harbor the 
British and Americans allowed their own troop ships to 
go to the bottom rather than reveal to the enemy that 
all their codes were useless.  This was rationalized 
then and now as expedient both to motivate the American 
public to eagerness for war and to help finally win it.  
Today what would be the motive?  In a world that should 
head for peace we have a threatened way of life, the 
global capitalist military industrial "complex".  In 
need of perceived enemies and great battles, and willing 
to accept at least a police state "counter-insurgency" 
planetary domination system, would they sacrifice the 
WTC?  Symbolically it will inspire hundreds of thousands 
of those disenfranchised with western freedom to fight 
and seek training and organizations that can help them 
achieve something so grand.  There is our enemy, since 
realistically China has not invaded its neighbors 
significantly for a thousand year and is not likely to 
threaten the U.S.(only Tibet, and maybe one of 
Siberia.... wait and see-either way the U.S. never even 
did anything about Tibet)  So now around the world we 
will have tight security which will not stop anything 
and the police state planet NWO will attempt to take 
control and will, basically if they are not stopped 
here.  Guilty or innocent the current authorities have 
to go, for America and the Earth

Feel free to distribute my views...

What was it an attack against?

a view from NYC: 14sep2001


They are cleaning with the cafe now, won't attack smogs later.