ANN: PyChecker 0.8.9

Neal Norwitz
Sat, 02 Feb 2002 13:24:05 -0500

A new version of PyChecker is available.  This is mostly a bug fix release.

        PyChecker is a tool for finding bugs in python source code.
        It finds problems that are typically caught by a compiler for less
        dynamic languages, like C and C++.  It is similar to lint.

Comments, criticisms, new ideas, and other feedback is welcome.

Changes from 0.8.8 to 0.8.9:
  * Add -3/--properties warning when using properties with classic classes
  * Add more warnings for statements with no effect
  * Fix crash due to import module problems
  * Fix crash with nested scopes
  * Fix spurious warnings about module attributes and importing
  * Fix spurious warnings in Python 2.2 when using builtin classes (eg, socket)
  * Fix spurious warning for format string problem when using % at module scope
  * Fix spurious warning for implicit returns when doing while 1:
  * Fix spurious warning for inconsistent return types 
        when objects are subclasses
  * Don't warn about inconsistent return types from __getattr[ibute]__
  * Always assume readline module is used if input/raw_input is used

PyChecker is available on Source Forge:
    Web page: 
    Project page: