Pypar 1.0 - Simple and efficient MPI binding for Python

Ole Moller Nielsen
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 16:20:54 +1100

PyPAR 1.0 - Simple and efficient MPI binding for Python
Copyright (C) 2001, 2002 Ole M. Nielsen

This is to announce GPL publication of pypar, ver 1.0 - 
a simple and efficient Python binding to MPI for parallel 
programming using Python.
The use of multi processor computers is becoming increasingly 
common and they appear in many forms: Desktop computers with more 
than one processor sharing memory, clusters of PC's connected with 
fast networks known as Beowulff clusters, and high-end super computers
all make use of parallelism.
To efficiently use these machines in a portable way one must be able to
control communication among programs running in parallel. 
One such standard is the Message Passing Interface (MPI) for 
inter-processor communication. 

Python and MPI:
There are a number of other Python bindings to MPI that are 
more comprehensive than pypar (PyMPI, Scientific Python).
However, pypar stands out by not requiring the Python interpreter to be 
modified, by being very easy to install and by
by shielding the user from many details involving data types and 
MPI parameters without sacrificing the full bandwidth provided by the 
underlying MPI implementation.

Pypar can be downloaded from
where there is also more information available.

Pypar was developed by Ole Nielsen at the Australian National 
University in 2001 for use in the APAC Data Mining Expertise Program
and has been published under the GNU Public License
( as a small contribution

<P><A HREF="">Pypar 1.0</A> - 
A simple and efficient MPI binding for Python.  (07-Feb-02)