RELEASED - StandaloneZODB 1.0 final

Barry A. Warsaw
Fri, 8 Feb 2002 19:44:33 -0500

I'm please to announce the release of StandaloneZODB, the Python
object persistency system also known as the Z Object Database.  ZODB
is the object-oriented database underlying Zope; the StandaloneZODB
project's goal is to provide those same facilities to non-Zope related
Python applications.

Today we are releasing StandaloneZODB 1.0 final.  A brief description
of the changes since release candidate 1 is outlined below.

StandaloneZODB is based on the same code as the ZODB in Zope, albeit
on a separate release branch.  Its inspiration comes from Andrew
Kuchling's StandaloneZODB project on SourceForge.  While there are
still some differences, the Standalone 1.0 release is the first on the
path toward convergence.  Subsequent releases should complete the
merge of Andrew's and Zope Corporation's packages.

The StandaloneZODB release includes the following components:

    - Core ZODB, including the persistence machinery
    - Standard storages such as FileStorage
    - Supporting modules such as ExtensionClass
    - The persistent BTrees modules
    - ZEO
    - Experimental Berkeley storages
    - Some documentation <wink>

See the README file for details on building and installing
StandaloneZODB.  For details on using ZODB, see Andrew's included user

StandaloneZODB 1.0 is released under the ZPL 2.0.  It should be
compatible with all Python versions from Python 2.1 to Python 2.2.  It
may or may not work with versions earlier than Python 2.1.

Download StandaloneZODB-1.0 from:

and visit the StandaloneZODB Wiki page at:

See also:

for more information about our long-range ZODB plans.


Barry A. Warsaw
Zope Corporation, Pythonlabs

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What's new in StandaloneZODB 1.0 final?
Release date: 08-Feb-2002

All copyright notices have been updated to reflect the fact that the
ZPL 2.0 covers this release.

Added a cleanroom implementation, which multiply
inherits from UserDict and Persistent.

Some improvements in and for sites that don't have
the Berkeley libraries installed.

A new program, was added which simply verifies that a ZEO
server is reachable.  Also, a new program was added which
connects to a ZEO server and packs it.