ANN: PAGE - 2.2

Don Rozenberg
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 11:40:19 -0800

What's new?
Makes use of the fact that Python 2.2 has substantially improved
the support of Tix and PyTix which dramatically simplifies the
installation of PAGE which now uses only the standard stuff from
Python 2.2.

Utilizes the new WmDefaults package in Tix which provides
reasonable portability of the generated GUI among several environments
such as KDE on Linux and Win32.  If you stick to the default fonts and
colors, things will look good when trying to display the same GUI
between different environments, see example 2 below. I now recommend
forgetting about the TkoptionsDB.

Win32 installation is now easy.  I even provide an installer for Tix
on Windows and a desktop icon!

Cleaned up a troublesome bug having to do with indentation of
class methods within the GUI and found a couple of other small things.

A real live running example is included. It is the MP3 player for
Linux that I am running as I am writing this.

The user guide has been a bit expanded. Counting the examples it is
about 10,000 words.   

What is PAGE?
PAGE is a drag and drop tool which helps to create GUI interfaces for
use with Python programs. PAGE is reminiscent of Visual Basic. It uses
Tk and Tix widgets. This version runs on Linux and Win32. It supports
a subset of Tk widgets and of Tix widgets. 

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