ANN: twainmodule 1.0b1 released

Kevin Gill
Mon, 25 Feb 2002 18:10:22 +0000

twainmodule 1.0b1 is released today, 2002-02-25.
Kevin Gill (

twainmodule provides a programatic interface to TWAIN devices on 32bit 
Windows platforms. 

TWAIN is a protocol which is used communicate with Scanners, Digital Cameras 
and some other devices. In order to use twainmodule with your device, you 
need to have device specific TWAIN software installed on your PC, e.g. HP 
Precision software for HP Scanjet series scanners.

twainmodule comes with tutorials, documentation and a tool for 'exploring' 
the interface to your TWAIN device.

twainmodule is released under the GNU GPL licence.