cx_Oracle 2.4

Anthony Tuininga
Thu, 03 Jan 2002 13:39:37 -0700

I am pleased to announce the availability of a new version of cx_Oracle, 
the Python interface to Oracle.

New in this release:

1) String variables can now be made any length (previously restricted to 
the 64K limit imposed by Oracle for default binding); use the type 
cx_Oracle.LONG_STRING as the argument to setinputsizes() for binding in 
string values larger than 4000 bytes.
2) Raw and long raw columns are now supported; use the types 
cx_Oracle.BINARY and cx_Oracle.LONG_BINARY as the argument to 
setinputsizes() for binding in values of these types.
3) Functions DateFromTicks(), TimeFromTicks() and TimestampFromTicks() 
are now implemented.
4) Function cursor.setoutputsize() implemented
5) Added the ability to bind arrays as out parameters to procedures; use 
the format [cx_Oracle.<DataType>, <NumElems>] as the input to the 
function setinputsizes() for binding arrays
6) Discovered from the Oracle 8.1.6 version of the documentation of the 
OCI libraries, that the size of the memory location required for the 
precision variable is larger than the printed documentation says; this 
was causing a problem with the code on the Sun platform.
7) Now support building RPMs for Linux (built on Red Hat Linux 7.2 but 
will likely work on other distributions)


As some of these things extend the DB API, comments are most welcome on 
whether this implementation is sensible!