ANNOUNCE: FreeZope, Free Non-Commercial Zope Hosting
9 Jan 2002 11:57:32 GMT

Amaze Internet Services is happy to announce:

FreeZope, your personal Zope Environment!

At FreeZope, you can look what Zope has to offer, create a highly dynamic
personal page, or just play around and see what Zope can do for you.

Zope is a highly expandable, python based, application server with a very 
advanced through-the-web management interface, and supports many common 
protocols such as webdav, ftp, xml, sql, and many more.

At FreeZope we offer you a zope folder with userfolder under your own subdomain for non-commercial use, and a number of products 
installed. These products include Squishdot, a Slashdot-alike community board, 
the Photo Folder, for all your digital images, ZUBB which adds a forum to 
your site, Zope Page Templates, Meerkat, a poll, a counter and many more. 

Please check for the full list of
products available. The list of installed products is updated continuously,
and we are open for new product suggestions.

FreeZope also hosts a discussion mailinglist, where you can ask for help
and discuss away with other developers, a public forum for discussion and
even an IRC server for online chatting with fellow Zopistas!

The Discussion archives can be found at:
The Forum is located at: (Or click 'Forum' on the main page.)
The IRC server can be reached at:

Note that the IRC server is a standalone server and not connected to any
IRC network.

Head over to now and register yourself today!

The FreeZope team!

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