ANNOUNCE: SCons 0.03 now available

Steven Knight
Fri, 11 Jan 2002 02:29:55 -0600 (CST)

Version 0.03 of SCons has been released and is available for download
from the SCons web site:

Or through the download link at the SCons project page at SourceForge:

RPM and Debian packages and a Win32 installer are all available, in
addition to the traditional .tar.gz files.

This release contains significant performance improvements, support for
command-line redirection, building from lex (.l) and yacc (.y) files,
the InstallAs method, and more than a few bug fixes.

SCons is a software construction tool (build tool, make tool) written
in Python.  Its design is based on the design which won the Software
Carpentry build tool competition in August 2000 (in turn derived from
the Perl-based Cons build tool).

Distinctive features of SCons include:

  - configuration files are Python scripts, allowing the full use of a
    real scripting language to solve build problems
  - a modular architecture allows the SCons Build Engine to be
    embedded in other Python software
  - a global view of all dependencies; no multiple passes to get
    everything built
  - the ability to scan files for implicit dependencies (#include files);
  - improved parallel build (-j) support
  - use of MD5 signatures to decide if a file has changed
  - easily extensible through user-defined Builder and Scanner objects

An scons-users mailing list has been created for those interested in
getting started using SCons.  You can subscribe at:

Alternatively, we invite you to subscribe to the low-volume
scons-announce mailing list to receive notification when new versions of
SCons become available:

Special thanks to Charles Crain, Steve Leblanc, and Anthony Roach for
their contributions to this release.

On behalf of the SCons team,