ANN: HAP Python Remote Debugger 0.2 Released

Josephson, Neal
Mon, 14 Jan 2002 10:54:16 -0800

The HAP Debugger is a remote debugger and IDE for Python.  It was developed
by the systems group at Humongous Entertainment for use with internal tools.
We hope that by releasing it to the Python community (LGPL), others can use 
and extend it.  

We began work on this primarily because we needed a remote debugger.  This 
made it easier to debug full screen apps and it also allowed us to handle 
other systems (Mac) by porting only the remote portion of the debugger and 
leaving the rest of the IDE on the Windows platform only.

Once we added the scintilla control and started using it, we got to liking
and decided to release it in the hope that others would find it useful as

Some of the features:
-Local and remote debugging
-Break into running code
-Debug applications with their own message pump, since the debugger and 
 debuggee are separate processes.
-Source editing by Scintilla
-Set breakpoints in running code
-Modify values in watch, locals and globals windows
-Visual Studio style interface

We welcome all comments and suggestions as well as any submissions.

The HAP Debugger is hosted by SourceForge:

<P><A HREF="">Hap Debugger Beta 0.2</A> 
- A new open source (LGPL) remote debugger (and IDE) for Python. (14-Jan-02)