Py: Technical Journal of the Python Language

Bryan Richard
18 Jan 2002 09:50:18 -0800

Py ( is a print zine published four times a year covering
all aspects of the Python language.  The goal of Py is to promote the
use of Python and provide a means for writers and developers to
expound on the benefits of the language.

Py is looking for article submissions for inclusion in its first
issue.  We will consider any topic but are specifically looking for
works on the following:
- UI
- Shell
- Web
- Zope
- Beginner
- Games
- Services

You will find the submission guidelines at

Py will be a low-cost, high quality zine, written by the developers
who are using Python today.  The audience will range from the advanced
Python hacker to the newbie who will be using Python tomorrow.

Be well,

Bryan Richard