RELEASED: Pymacs 0.16

François Pinard
29 Jan 2002 20:01:49 -0500

Hi!  A new release of Pymacs is available as:

(Beware: the capital `P' was a lower case `p' in previous announcements.)

Pymacs allows Emacs users to extend Emacs using Python, where they might have
traditionally used Emacs LISP.  Pymacs runs on systems having sub-processes.

No bugs were reported against the Pymacs proper.  So, I got to risk some
new ones :-).  There is no real need to upgrade, but testers are welcome.

As previously announced, Pymacs is now to be invoked by:

    from Pymacs import lisp, Let

instead of:

    import pymacs
    from pymacs import lisp
    Let = pymacs.Let

The goal is to turn Pymacs into a more genuine Python package, in the spirit
of Distutils.  A tiny module gets installed so the previous methods work, be
warned that this compatibility module will disappear in some later release.

The various `push' methods of the `Let' class now return the `Let' instance
they act upon.  This eases chaining pushes while creating such an instance.

Finally, the `' example had two bugs corrected, one about unusual
argument flags, the other for older versions of Python.

                                    Keep happy!  Enjoy, enjoy! :-)

François Pinard