ANN: lfm 0.8

Iņigo Serna
04 Mar 2002 17:48:34 +0100

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I've uploaded lfm v0.8 on its web site:=20

[With this release, I have finished all the features I want for lfm,=20
so I hope to release v1.0 in May. These 2 months will be spent fixing bugs
and maybe adding features people want. Nevertheless current version is very
robust and stable, I use it daily without problems.]

lfm is a 'midnight commander'-clone written in Python and licensed under
GNU Public License. It should work on any UNIX with a modern (n)curses
library and Python curses module compiled in. See README file or visit
the web page for more information.=20

Changes since version 0.7:=20

Version 0.8 ("Close to Paradise") - 2002/03/04:

  + Implemented VFS feature to enter into .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 files
  + Panelize vfs option in find/grep implemented
  + Tree panel implemented
  + 'lfm' and 'pyview' are simple scripts now, not just a copy of the .py f=
iles> contains global variables now
  + A new message window is used to show  work in progress, in place of a
    message in status bar. 'run_thread' function has been cleaned too
  + Copy / move features now use my own function to walk trees, instead of
    'shutil.copytree' which originates some problems and bugs
  + In ChangePermissions window, the cursor movement is circular now
  + Change copyright date to years 2001-2
  + I don't need a crypt / uncrypt feature, so eliminated from TODO list
  + Many bug fixes and functions rewrites. See ChangeLog for complete list
      - lfm:
          * if panel2 shows 'a' file in panel, and in panel1 'a' is moved o=
            deleted, lfm crashes
          * after moving a file cursor goes to next directory as deletion d=
          * catching an exception after not been able to copy =3D> it crash=
            when trying to delete copied files
          * "messages.SelectItem, messages.FindfilesWin, messages.MenuWin,
            messages.ChangePerms: upperleft corner disappears"
          * findgrep: fix bug: if selected file has a ':' in name
      - pyview:=09
	  * changing 'addch' by 'addstr' shows individual chars >=3D 0xA0 (meta
            chars) correctly, neither in reversed video or as 2 chars
          * "if wrap mode =3D> fix prev/next page & up/down cursor". Now=20
            they move to screen lines, not to physical lines

Best regards,=20

I=F1igo Serna

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