ANN: VideoCapture 0.7 released

Markus Gritsch
Mon, 04 Mar 2002 23:26:53 +0100



What it is:
VideoCapture is a Python extension for Win32 which makes it possible
to access video-capture devices (e.g. a USB webcam, a TV-card, ...).

What is new in version 0.7:
*) Replaced the .gif fonts by .png fonts, since PIL shows a memory leak
    when using .gif fonts.  Remove the files 'helvB08.gif' and
    'helvetica-10.gif' in the Lib folder of your Python installation if
    you have used a version of VideoCapture prior to 0.7!!

*) Replaced displayPropertyPage() by displayCaptureFilterProperties()
    and displayCapturePinProperties().  This finally allows selecting
    things like the video size used during capturing for every kind of
    device-drivers (now also for WDM drivers, previously only for VfW

*) Since there were some memory-leak issues with some device drivers
    when the filter graph was started and stopped for each capture, the
    graph is now continuously running.  Beside the solved memory issue
    this has the big advantage, that taking snapshots can be done
    *really* fast now.  Taking 10 and more snapshots per second is no
    problem :-)

*) scp can now also be performed with the pscp.exe program from PuTTY.

*) Fixed a minor memory leak by freeing MediaType.pbFormat.

*) Added the DirectShow AMCAP utility which can be used to check whether
    the capture device is compatible with VideoCapture.

Enjoy, Markus