Py Announces Articles to Appear in First Issue

Bryan Richard
5 Mar 2002 16:49:40 -0800

Py, a technical journal for Python developers, announced today the
list of articles for it's first issue (01.01), due to be published
April 2002.

Articles included in the first issue:
 - Scientific Python: Introducing Numeric by Eric Jones
 - Simple CGI Template Processing by Michael P. Soulier
 - Extending Python with C - Part 1 by Alex Martelli
 - Image Viewing with TKinter by Blake Garretson
 - Threading and the Global Interpreter Lock by Aahz

Scientific Python: Introducing Numeric is the first installment in an
ongoing column on leveraging Python for scientific computing Eric
Jones was gracious enough to take under his wing.  Part 2 of Alex
Martelli's (co-editor of the Python Cookbook from O'Reilly) Extending
Python with C will appear in Issue 01.02.

Preorders for issue 01.01 are available through March 2002 via the web
site (snail mail and PayPal accepted).  Preorder price
per issue is US$2.00 domestic (United States) and US$3.00

Py is an independent print zine for Python developers.    

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