ANN: numarray-0.3

Todd Miller
Wed, 13 Mar 2002 10:28:30 -0500

  Numarray 0.3
Numarray is an array processing package designed to efficiently 
manipulate large multi-dimensional arrays.  Numarray is modelled
after Numeric and features c-code generated from python template 
scripts, the capacity to operate directly on arrays in
files, and improved type promotion semantics.

Numarray-0.3 incorporates safety checks to prevent crashing Python
when a user accidentally changes private variables in numarray.

The new safety checks ensure that:

1. Numarray C-functions are called with properly sized buffers.
2. Numarray C-functions are called with properly aligned buffers.
3. Parameters match the C-function in count and i/o direction.
4. The correct generic function wrapper is used to call each C-function.
5. All indices implied by the array strides are valid.

Failed checks result in python exceptions.

A new memory object fixes an unforunate limitation of the python
buffer object, namely the lack of guaranteed double aligned storage.

The largest generated source module, _ufuncmodule.c, has been
partitioned by data type into several smaller, more gcc-friendly
modules, e.g. _ufuncFloat64module.c.

The sort and argsort functions are fixed.
The dot function is fixed for 1D arrays.
Transpose, swapaxes, and reshape once again return views.

Numarray-0.3 windows executable installers and source code tar ball is here:

Numarray is hosted by Source Forge in the same project which hosts Numeric:

The web page for Numarray information is at:

Trackers for Numarray Bugs, Feature Requests, Support, and Patches are at
the Source Forge project for NumPy at:


numarray-0.3 requires Python 2.0 or greater.


Numarray was written by Perry Greenfield, Rick White, Todd Miller, JC
Hsu, Paul Barrett, and Phil Hodge at the Space Telescope Science
Institute.  Numarray is made available under a BSD-style License.  See
LICENSE.txt in the source distribution for details.

Todd Miller    <>
STSCI / SSG            (410) 338 4576