MacPython 2.2.1c1 available

Jack Jansen
Tue, 19 Mar 2002 14:03:22 +0100

MacPython 2.2.1c1 is available via . This is a release candidate for 
MacPython 2.2.1, expected later this month. Please give it a try and 
report your findings to This is a patch 
release, so it should be 100% compatible with MacPython 2.2.

This release should run on any MacOS version from 8.1 through 10.1.3 
(but for 8.1 you will need to download an additional patch if you want 
to use the IDE).

Many bugs were fixed in this release. The two that deserve special 
mention are that this release should finally work on a Mac OS X 
multiprocessor, and that the problems with short read()s from sockets 
have been addressed.
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