ANN: Logging Module v0.4 released

Vinay Sajip
20 Mar 2002 17:53:40 -0800

A new version of the proposed Python standard logging module (as per
PEP 282) has been released. You can get all the information from

There is a download link at the top of that page, and there is quite a
lot of new stuff including syslog and NT event log support, support
for user defined levels and more!

As always, your feedback is most welcome (especially bug reports,
patches and suggestions for improvement).


Vinay Sajip
Red Dove Consultants Ltd.

Changes since the last version:
Added level filtering for handlers.
Return root logger if no name specified in getLogger.
Added distutils script.
Added formatter initialization in Handler.__init__.
Tidied up docstrings.
Added removeHandler to Logger.
Added removeFilter to Logger and Handler. modified to keep connection alive until client closes it.
SocketHandler modified to not reset connection after each logging
Added shutdown function which closes open sockets, etc.
Added (example of arbitrary levels).
Added addLevelName, changed behaviour of getLevelName.
Fixed bugs in DatagramHandler.
Added SMTPHandler implementation.
Added to test SMTPHandler.
Added SysLogHandler (contribution from Nicolas Untz based on Sam
Modified to add a SysLogHandler.
Added rollover functionality to FileHandler.
Added NTEventLogHandler (based on Win32 extensions).
Added MemoryHandler implementation.
Added to test MemoryHandler.
Added to test FileHandler rollover.
Added logException method to Logger.
Added formatException method to Formatter.
Added to test NTEventHandler and logException.
Numerous internal method renamings (sorry - but better to do this now,
rather than when we enter beta status).