AVPython 1.2 released on SourceForge

Bruce Dodson bdodson_esrican@sourceforge.net
Sat, 04 May 2002 05:05:14 GMT

AVPython 1.2 is released, and is now hosted on SourceForge.  Version 1.2
should work out of the box with all current versions of Python 2.x, and of
course can be compiled for other releases from 1.5.x on (probably with no
source code changes).

AVPython adds Python scripting functionality to ArcView GIS, and allows
Python scripts (when hosted in AVPython) to access the Avenue scripting
language and class library.  I want to invite those who are using AVPython
in their projects to share scripts, samples, and enhancements through the
SourceForge project site for AVPython.