pyCGNS v0.4

Marc Poinot
Wed, 29 May 2002 15:27:30 +0200

A new release for this CGNS wrapper. This version has a larger wrap
of CGNS MLL, many examples and a lot of corrected bugs.
The web site has now the on-line docs, see


 - a simple wrapper on top of ADF calls and MLL calls
 - an attempt to an Object-oriented interface to CGNS mid-level lib
 - all data arrays are Python Numeric Arrays
 - tests and demos for ADF/CGNS
   - some User's Guide to CGNS examples, a naca0012 sample, etc...
   - a tree parser demo with an XML tree output, date stamps...
   - tests on ADF, MLL and SIDS calls (not 100% coverage so far)

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