new issue 3(1) of Python Journal at
Wed, 06 Nov 2002 15:24:43 -0700

ANNOUNCEMENT, long version.

Python Journal new issue 3(1) at <A HREF="" ></a>, focusing on several Practical Tasks:  
making a Map Display web app, generating Dynamic Websites, and Text-
Filtering jobs large and small.  Application Design Techniques range from
 deciding how to build your app or a language to customizing 

- Digesting online number data to make an image display.
- Multi-pane GUI setup to hold interactive multi-mode 3-D graphs.
- Making a one-file web-services site for single- or multi-thread
usage (via import of standard-library server, or via Apache).
- Embedding a language, using python OOP.  Easy-learn code 
for (ahem!) The Formal Semantics of Python -- in python. 
- Using classes to build an integrated toolset. 
- Integrating other packages into your app.
- Deciding how to build your app.
- Text filters.

The code is as usual pretty straightforward.

ANNOUNCEMENT, ultra-short.

Python Journal 3(1) newly released  at <A
HREF="" ></a> focuses on Practical Tasks:  Map
Display, Text-Filtering, Dynamic site generation. Bonus: embedded python
engine.  Software from Python Cookbook,,,, and