spyce v1.2.5

Rimon Barr Rimon Barr <barr@CS.Cornell.EDU>
Sat, 9 Nov 2002 21:04:40 -0500 (EST)

Spyce v1.2.5 released on 9 Nov 2002

SPYCE is a server-side engine that supports simple and efficient
Python-based dynamic HTML generation. Those who like Python and are
familiar with JSP, or PHP, or ASP, should have a look at this engine. It
allows one to generate dynamic HTML content just as easily, using Python
for the dynamic parts. Its modular design makes it very flexible and
extensible. It can also be used as a command-line utility for HTML

Get it at:

This release includes lots of internal changes. The highlights are:
  - spyceAPI defined: module access to spyceWrapper object restricted
    - see: http://spyce.sourceforge.net/doc-mod_new.html
    - (in general, will be moving towards restricted execution space)
  - toc module improved; add level(), l1()...l9() methods
  - server-level debug option added to config file
    - see: http://spyce.sourceforge.net/doc-conf_common_debug.html
    - debug Spyce module deprecated
  - engine now supports recursive requests (include spyce from itself)
  - sys.stdout (and therefore print statements) made thread-safe
  - spyce engine supports concurrent requests
  - server-level concurrency option added to config file
    - see: http://spyce.sourceforge.net/doc-conf_common_concurrency.html
    - spyce webserver operates in single, forking and threading modes
  - server-level Spyce module caching
    - replaces Spyce-level module caching
    - caching-related code separated from wrapper
  - code compilation seperated from wrapper (spyce.spyceCode)
  - autodetect when PYTHONOPTIMIZE causes lexer/parser failure
  - minor fixes and performance tweaks

For prior release information, view the change log at:

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are appreciated.