[Application] YODA distributed objectstore ver 1.1

Vladimir Ulogov gandalf@python.eu.org
Sun, 10 Nov 2002 22:25:33 -0500 (EST)

                  YODA distributed objectstore ver 1.1                  

Distributed objectstore with Pyro and XMLRPC interfaces

Version 1.1 are considered as a "base" version. This means I'd
implemented most of the planned YODA functionality at this point.
Respective user will get truly distributed objectstore, where the single
objectstore can live on multiple instances. Each instance can replicate
there objects to multiple peers. All updates are reflected in
METADIRECTORY. The newly implemented "YODA interface appication"
provides you transparent access to the information stored in distributed
objectstore without knoweledge which physical repository holds it. If
the one of repository failed and object can be found someplace else (in
the replica repository), YODA will find and extract this information for
you "at no extra cost". The same rule applies to the all update
operations, you just set the value of the attribute and YODA will take
care about the rest. Actually, it it a pretty heavy job going on in the
background. YODA interface detects which repositories are alive and
which is not by sending event broadcast, than it's propagate updates on
the live servers. YODA interface provides two ways to access to the
objectstore: - native YODA interface (which means Pyro:
http://pyro.sourceforge.net) - XMLRPC. All YODA objectstore operations
such as get, set, drop_attr, drop add_class, drop_class are implemented
for XMLRPC. This valuable addition will allow users to create YODA
clients using almost any programming language (Java, C++, C, Perl and so
on. Of course, you can create XMLRPC clients using Python). This is open
door to using YODA in non-pythonic environments. As minor feature, YODA
now heavily depends on Pyro event service. It uses it for status
broadcasting and for sending notification to the servers in the YODA
network about node status.

       URL:  http://www.python.eu.org/software/database/Yoda/index_html
  Download:  http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=64535

   License:  Artistic
  Requires:  pybsddb3, Pyro, Ysvc, Yrnd, Yio, py-xmlrpc
  Binaries:  Linux

  Categories:  Net Applications, Databases

Vladimir Ulogov (gandalf@python.eu.org)

<a href="http://www.python.eu.org/software/database/Yoda/index_html">YODA
distributed objectstore ver 1.1</a> -- Distributed objectstore with Pyro
and XMLRPC interfaces