RELEASE: ClientCookie 0.2.0b

John J Lee
19 Nov 2002 11:14:30 -0800

ClientCookie 0.2.0b

This is a beta release (will be some time before I consider it stable,
but it's certainly quite useable as it is).

Changes since the last release (0.1.2b):

 * Improved documentation.
 * Changed license to MIT (from Perl Artistic).  Thanks, Gisle.
   [MIT license essentially says: don't sue me.]
 * Removed cookies argument from urlopen, and added install_opener
   function.  This is the way urllib2 does things, and is also
   simpler.  This won't change again, honest!  The documentation on
   this is also much better now.
 * Removed  :-)

ClientCookie is a Python module for handling HTTP cookies on the
client side, useful for accessing web sites that require cookies to be
set, and returned later.  It is a port of Gisle Aas' Perl module
HTTP::Cookies, from the libwww-perl library.

 import ClientCookie
 response = ClientCookie.urlopen("")

This function behaves identically to urllib2.urlopen, except that it
deals with cookies automatically.  That's probably all you need to

Python 1.5.2 or above is required.

Plans for the next few releases: non-eager response objects, while
retaining the seek method; HTTP-EQUIV and Refresh handling, via a new
OpenerDirector and Handler class(es).