csv module 1.0 released

Dave Cole djc@object-craft.com.au
20 Nov 2002 14:31:28 +1100


The CSV module provides a fast CSV parser which can split and join CSV
records which have been produced by Microsoft products such as Access
and Excel.

The module is available here:


The module home page is here:



The most important change for this release is that the basic quote
handling has been modified to exactly match the observed behaviour of
Excel.  A comprehensive test suite has been added to test this
observed behaviour.  If the module does not conform to Excel behaviour
we consider this to be a bug.

No problems were reported with the 1.0pre1 release.  This release
makes the 1.0pre1 release official.


* Moved to standard BSD template license.

* Now using distutils to create source distribution.

* Parser's handling of unusual quoting styles was found to be at odds
  with Excel. In particular, Excel only treats the quote character as
  special if it appears as the first character in a field, whereas our
  parser honoured them anywhere. We now produce the same result as Excel -
  quotes within a field appear in the output.

* Introduced Parser.quote_char attribute to replace the hard coded "
  (double quote).  You can now disable quoting by setting quote_char
  to 0 or None.

* Introduced Parser.escape_char attribute which is used to escape
  special characters when quote_char is specified is disabled.

* Introduced Parser.strict attribute which controls whether the parser
  will raise an exception on malformed fields rather than attempting
  to guess the right behaviour.

* Introduced a suite of unit tests.