RELEASED: Pymacs 0.20

François Pinard
23 Nov 2002 21:37:46 -0500

Hello to everybody, and especially to Emacs users among Python lovers.

The day after Pymacs 0.19 was released, I found that Pymacs interferes with
the Emacs interactive documentation system.  Despite the problem shows only
in unusual circumstances -- adviced functions, functions using a mere symbol
for their body -- I do not want that bug in released Pymacs.  I waited a bit
just in case some other bug shows.  After one week, since none want to get
out, better have another release out now.  So here it is!  :-)


Pymacs is a powerful tool which, once started from Emacs, allows both-way
communication between Emacs Lisp and Python.  Pymacs aims Python as an
extension language for Emacs rather than the other way around, and this
assymetry is reflected in some design choices.  Within Emacs Lisp code, one
may load and use Python modules.  Python functions may themselves use Emacs
services, and handle Emacs Lisp objects kept in Emacs Lisp space.

`' contains a copy of the
Pymacs documentation in HTML form.  The canonical Pymacs distribution is
available as `'.
Report problems and suggestions to `'.

François Pinard