RELEASED email package version 2.4

Barry A. Warsaw
Tue, 1 Oct 2002 14:18:27 -0400

I've just released the (standalone) email package version 2.4.  This
is identical to the version that is in the current cvs development
tree for Python 2.3.  It is also the version that I plan to back port
to Python 2.2.2.  I've also done a massive update to the web site
documentation.  Thanks to Fred Drake, the latter is actually in a
usable format. :)

email 2.4 is made available as a distutils package for installing in
earlier versions of Python.  It is compatible with Python 2.1.3,
Python 2.2.1, and Python 2.3 cvs.  email 2.4 is backward compatible
with email version 1, which was released as part of Python 2.2.1.

The email package is a library for parsing, handling, and generating
email messages and other RFC 2822 style documents.  It conforms to
most of the email related RFCs including 2045-2047 (the MIME RFCs) and
2231.  It is intended to replace several older modules in the standard
distribution, such as rfc822, mimetools, multifile, mimify, and
MIMEWriter, and such non-standard modules as mimecntl.

email-2.4.tar.gz is available from the mimelib project on SourceForge:

More information, as well as on-line documentation is available on the
home page:

As this is the version I plan to back port to Python 2.2.2 in a few
days, feedback, either on the code or the documentation, will be