RELEASE: Recodec 0.1

François Pinard
Tue, 01 Oct 2002 17:33:23 -0400

Hello, everybody.

Recodec is a Python (2.2.1 or better) clone of Free `recode', and as such,
it converts strings or files between character sets and usages.  Version 0.1
is now at `'.
See `' for a copy of `README'.

Pretesters may gently report problems, suggestions or other comments
to `'.  `recode'-related discussions go to
`', which is opened to subscribers.
Python specific discussions might go to `'.

User visible changes since last release:

.. `Unicode-Escape-X' (`ue') charset, according to Java documentation.
.. `flat' and `Texinfo' are better connected to more charsets.
.. `--find-subsets' (`-T') results are automatically sorted.
.. `--list=codings' (`-lc') shows the handiest alias for each coding.

Most changes are internal.

François Pinard