FixedPoint 0.1.1 -- BugFix Release

Doug Fort
Thu, 10 Oct 2002 22:58:21 GMT

FixedPoint release 0.1.1

What it is

This package encapsulates the representation of a fixed point number in
Python. It was originally written by Tim Peters and posted to the Python

What it does
The FixedPoint object supports all suitable Python operators to enable the developer
to perform fixed point math in a natural way. 

What's New

This is a (hasty) bugfix release for 0.1.0

We discovered that my alternative rounding algorithm didn't behave
correctly for negative quotients.

Tim, the original author recommended making _roundQuotient a member of
FixedPoint, enabling the rounding algorithm to become a normal member, 
rather than a static member.

While refactoring, I changed the name from 'RoundingAlgorithm' 
to the less verbose 'round'.

So instead of 

from fixedpoint import FixedPoint, BankersRounding
FixedPoint.RoundingAlgorithm = staticmember(BankersRounding)

you can say

from fixedpoint import FixedPoint, bankersRounding
FixedPoint.round = bankersRounding

We got a good description of rounding philosphy from Tim in an email. 
Joe has incorporated this in the documentation.

There's a link to HTML rendering of the LaTex documentation at the
project website: 

What's Next

This release (really truly) concludes our planned changes to FixedPoint. 
We're going to sit back and watch for bug reports and feature 
requests, but we won't mess with the code anymore without
Doug Fort, Programmer