CFP: USENIX'03 - Freenix

David Beazley
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 09:43:02 -0500 (CDT)

		      USENIX'03 - FREENIX Track

			   June 9-14, 2003
			  San Antonio, Texas

I'd just like to encourage members of the Python community to consider
submitting a paper to the USENIX'03 FREENIX track.  FREENIX is an
ideal venue for describing new and interesting work on open-source and
freely available software projects.  Although submissions should
describe mature work, papers do not need to be research papers.  In
fact, submissions describing projects that are underway, but not yet
finished are actively encouraged.  

Putting on my educator hat for a moment, I'd also like to add that
FREENIX is a very nice venue for students.  USENIX has always
encouraged student submissions--in fact, student presenters often
receive free conference registration and may apply for grants to cover
travel and hotel expenses.   Therefore, if you're working on something
cool, this is a perfect opportunity to tell people about it.

More details about FREENIX can be found at the above URL.  Submissions
are due by November 18, 2002.  Hopefully you'll join us in San


David Beazley
(Member, FREENIX Program Committee)