ANNOUNCE: Building C/C++ Extensions for Python

eric jones
Wed, 16 Oct 2002 11:11:27 -0500

Building C/C++ Extensions for Python

Enthought is proud to announce "Building C/C++ extensions for Python,"
an intense 3 day course taught by David Beazley, David Abrahams, and
Eric Jones, the lead authors of SWIG, Boost.Python, and Weave.  This
hands-on course is geared toward C/C++ programmers and teaches the
start-to-finish process of exposing C/C++ libraries for use in Python.
Students are sure to benefit from this opportunity to learn from three
of the leading experts in the field.

The class teaches the fundamentals of designing and building Python
extensions and addresses the common problems that arise during the
process.  Boost.Python, SWIG, and Weave are central to the discussion,
and each is covered in depth.  Fundamental topics such as handling
reference counts and building Python 2.2 style extension types by hand
are also covered.  Other topics discussed include Pyrex, distributing
extensions using distutils, debugging extensions, and solving shared
library issues.

The course is divided equally between lectures and hands-on programming
sessions.  Users will need to bring either a Linux or a Windows
NT/2000/XP, network enabled, laptop to the class with Python 2.2 and a
C++ compiler installed for the programming sessions.  More information
about setup requirements is available at the website.

Space is limited. 


Signup Information: 
Call (512) 536-1057 to reserve your place.

December 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2002 (Monday through Wednesday)

Instruction Hours:
Instruction runs from 9am-9pm on the first two days (with breaks for
lunch, dinner, and between sessions), and 9am-6pm on the final day of
the class.

The Driskill Hotel
604 Brazos Street
Austin, Texas

The Driskill is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Austin.
And, yes, it has high speed internet connections in the guest rooms.

What's Included:
3 nights of lodging
All meals and snacks
Unlimited caffeinated drinks
Class materials
3 days of instruction 

$2400.00 US.  

About the Authors:

David Beazley
David is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science at
the University of Chicago.  He has worked on Python extension building
since 1996 and is the creator of SWIG (  He is also the
author of the "Python Essential Reference."  David holds a PhD in
Computer Science from the University of Utah.

David Abrahams
David is a founding member and moderator of Boost ( and
heads Boost Consulting, a company dedicated to providing professional
support and development services for the Boost C++ libraries and
associated tools. He has been an ANSI/ISO C++ committee member since
1996, when he contributed a theory, specification, and implementation of
exception handling for the C++ standard library. In his 14-year career
he has developed applications for the desktop and embedded devices in
the fields of music software, speech recognition, and circuit
simulation.  David holds a BSE in Computer Science from the University
of Pennsylvania.

Eric Jones
Eric has a broad background in engineering and software development and
leads Enthought's product engineering and software design.  Eric is a
lead developer on the SciPy ( and Weave projects and has
taught numerous courses about Python and how to leverage it for
scientific computing.  Prior to co-founding Enthought, Eric worked in
the fields of numerical electromagnetics and genetic optimization.  Eric
holds a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from Duke University.

eric jones                    515 Congress Ave             Suite 1614
512 536-1057                  Austin, Tx 78701